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Tuesday 13 November 2007

Brain metastasis--evidence based management.

By: Biswas G, Bhagwat R, Khurana R, Menon H, Prasad N, Parikh PM.

J Cancer Res Ther 2006 Jan-Mar;2(1):5-13

Advances in cancer management have resulted in a significant increase in median survival of number of diseases. Consequently we are seeing more patients living long enough to develop symptomatic brain metastases. The management of such patients will be discussed here. The most important definitive investigation is contrast enhanced MRI scan of brain. Management consists of supportive care and disease directed treatment. Surgical resection remains the gold standard for the treatment of solitary brain metastases. Whole brain radiotherapy is considered standard treatment for all patients with brain metastases. The role of chemotherapy was limited in the past. Recently several new agents have been identified as potentially useful. Preliminary results indicate that drugs like temozolomide and topotecan have antitumor activity against the brain metastases as well as the primary systemic malignancies. The goal of multimodality treatment for brain metastases is to palliate local symptoms and prevent consequences of neurological involvement.

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