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Monday 01 December 2003

[Status report on the chemotherapy of ovarian cancer at special cancer centers in Hungary (2002-2003)]

By: Pulay T, Baki M, Bodoky G, Dank M, Cseh J, Csejtei A, Csomor S, Erfan J, Esik O, Faluhelyi Z, Izso J, Hernadi Z, Kammerer K, Krommer K, Magyar T, Mayer A, Megyery E, Moskovits K, Pecsi L, Piko B, Pinter T, Ruzsa A, Szantho A, Szanto I, Szanto J, Szucs M,

Magy Onkol 2004;48(4):275-80

Data on the first-line treatment of ovarian cancer in special centers of Hungary 2002 and 2003 are presented, involving 283 and 416 patients, respectively. Patients' age, clinical stage and histological type of the tumor were highly similar to literature data, while grades were different. Surgical effectiveness in case of IIIc staged tumors with >1 cm residual mass was 37%. The ratio of interval laparotomy was about 15%. Overall response rates of the first-line treatment of ovarian cancer was 82%, while the rate of complete remissions was 60%. The authors provide detailed analysis of factors that can improve the chemotherapy of ovarian cancer in Hungary.

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