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Tuesday 01 June 2004

A mathematical model for the in vitro kinetics of the anti-cancer agent topotecan.

By: Evans ND, Errington RJ, Shelley M, Feeney GP, Chapman MJ, Godfrey KR, Smith PJ, Chappell MJ.

Math Biosci 2004 Jun;189(2):185-217

In this paper a compartmental modelling approach is applied to provide a mathematical description of the activity of the anti-cancer agent topotecan, and delivery to its nuclear DNA target following administration. The activity of topotecan in defined buffers is first modelled using a linear two compartment model that then forms the basis of a cell based model for drug activity in live cell experiments. An identifiability analysis is performed before parameter estimation to ensure that the model output (i.e., continuous, perfect and noise-free data) uniquely determines the parameters. Parameter estimation is performed using experimental data which offers concentrations of active and inactive forms of topotecan from high performance liquid chromatography methods.

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