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Thursday 16 January 2003

Tricyclic benzimidazoles as potent poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 inhibitors.

By: Skalitzky DJ, Marakovits JT, Maegley KA, Ekker A, Yu XH, Hostomsky Z, Webber SE, Eastman BW, Almassy R, Li J, Curtin NJ, Newell DR, Calvert AH, Griffin RJ, Golding BT.

J Med Chem 2003 Jan 16;46(2):210-3

Novel tricyclic benzimidazole carboxamide poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) inhibitors have been synthesized. Several compounds were found to be powerful chemopotentiators of temozolomide and topotecan in both A549 and LoVo cell lines. In vitro inhibition of PARP-1 was confirmed by direct measurement of NAD+ depletion and ADP-ribose polymer formation caused by chemically induced DNA damage.

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