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Tuesday 01 July 2003

Influence of the cisplatin hydration schedule on topotecan pharmacokinetics.

By: Gelderblom H, Loos WJ, Sparreboom A, Soepenberg O, de Jonge MJ, van Boven-van Zomeren DM, Verweij J.

Eur J Cancer 2003 Jul;39(11):1542-6

The study described here was designed to investigate the influence of the hydration schedule of cisplatin on the pharmacokinetics of topotecan. To test this hypothesis, 13 adult cancer patients were treated with intravenous (i.v.) cisplatin followed by i.v. topotecan for 5 days every 3 weeks using a short hydration schedule (SHS) for cisplatin in the first course and a hyper-hydration schedule (HHS) in the second course or vice versa. Topotecan pharmacokinetic analysis was performed in plasma, whole blood and red blood cells in both courses on days 1, 2 and 5. 11 patients received both courses and were pharmacokinetically evaluable. No significant differences between the two studied schedules were noted in the clearances of topotecan on day 1 in the different matrices. However, in both hydration schedules, on average, slightly lower topotecan clearances were observed on both days 2 and 5 compared with day 1 in all of the matrices, while no differences were noted between days 2 and 5. This alteration was independent of the schedule used and was less pronounced than that which has been initially reported for SHS and, overall, will not have clinical consequences.

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