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Thursday 01 March 2001

[Clinical study of topotecan in the treatment of small cell lung cancer and recurrent ovarian cancer]

By: Feng F, He X, Shi Y.

Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi 2001 Mar;23(2):155-8

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect and adverse reaction of China made topotecan in the treatment of small-cell lung cancer (ACLC) and recurrent ovarian cancer (OV). METHODS: From January to July, 2000, topotecan was used to treat 141 patients at a dose of 1.2 mg/m2, given daily as 30-min i.v. infusion for 5 days. Treatment was repeated once every 3 weeks. Of the 141 patients, 118 were evaluable for therapeutic efficacy. All the patients received a total of 286 cycles of treatment were assessable for analysis of adverse reactions. RESULTS: Among the evaluable patients, there were 5 CR, 35 PR, with an overall response rate (RR) of 33.8%. There were 3 CR and 26 PR in 89 patients with SCLC (RR 32.5%). The response rate of patients with or without prior chemotherapy was 15.6% and 50%, respectively. In 29 patients with recurrent OV, there were 2 CR and 9 PR (RR 37.9%). The major toxic effect was myelosuppression. Non-hematopoietic toxicities were mild and tolerable. CONCLUSION: Topotecan is an effective drug for the treatment of SCLC and recurrent OV. It is still efficacious in some patients who previously received standard chemotherapy. The major dose-limiting toxicity is myelosuppression. The response rate and toxicity of the domestically made topotecan are comparable with those of the imported one.

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