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Sunday 15 September 2002

A Phase II trial of topotecan and gemcitabine in patients with previously treated, advanced nonsmall cell lung carcinoma.

By: Rinaldi DA, Lormand NA, Brierre JE, Cole JL, Barnes BC, Mills G, Yadlapati S, Felicia Fontenot M, Buller EJ, Rainey JM.

Cancer 2002 Sep 15;95(6):1274-8

BACKGROUND: Multiple trials have been performed to evaluate second-line clinical chemotherapy in patients with advanced nonsmall cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC). However, no single agent or combination has demonstrated superior activity. METHODS: Patients with advanced NSCLC who had already received one chemotherapeutic regimen were treated with topotecan (0.75 mg/m(2) over 30 minutes, Days 1-5) and gemcitabine (400 mg/m(2) over 30 minutes, Days 1 and 5) every 21 days. RESULTS: Of 35 patients who were treated, 4 (11%) achieved a partial responses and 8 (23%) hadstable disease for at least four courses of treatment. The response rate for patients with refractory disease (progressing during frontline chemotherapy) was 18% (3 of 17) with 18% having stable disease for at least four courses of treatment. The median survival of the entire group was 7 months (range, 1.5-44 months) and 20% (7 of 35) of patients were alive 1 year from the initiation of topotecan and gemcitabine treatment. Patients with refractory disease had a median survival of 4(1/2) months, with 6-month and 1-year survival rates of 47% and 18%, respectively. During Course 1, five patients (14%) developed Grade IV neutropenia and three patients (9%) developed Grade IV thrombocytopenia. Nonhematologic toxicity was relatively mild, with one patient developing Grade III side effects (fatigue) and eight patients (23%) developing Grade II nonhematologic side effects. CONCLUSIONS: The combination of topotecan and gemcitabine demonstrated antitumor activity with a modest side effect profile in patients with advanced, previously treated NSCLC. Copyright 2002 American Cancer Society.

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