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Monday 01 January 2001

Irinotecan in small-cell lung cancer: the US experience.

By: Sandler AB.

Oncology (Williston Park) 2001 Jan;15(1 Suppl 1):11-2

There will be approximately 40,000 new cases of small-cell lung cancer this year. Prior to 1990, there were several agents with single-agent response rates of 30% to nearly 90% in the untreated small-cell lung cancer population and approximately 10% to 20% in relapsed patients. During the 1990s, several new chemotherapy agents have displayed activity in small-cell lung cancer (paclitaxel [Taxol], gemcitabine [Gemzar], vinorelbine [Navelbine], topotecan [Hycamtin], and irinotecan [Camptosar, CPT-11]). The majority of studies with irinotecan have been conducted in Japan. The US experience is limited to a single multi-institution trial that was conducted in patients with previously treated small-cell lung cancer. A total of 44 patients were entered in the study. Patients were stratified by response to prior therapy. Responses occurred in 7 of 44 patients for an overall response rate of 14%. The overall median survival was 4.8 months.

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