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Friday 20 April 2001

Topotecan given as a 21-day infusion in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer.

By: Gore M, Rustin G, Schuller J, Lane SR, Hearn S, Beckman RA, Ross G.

Br J Cancer 2001 Apr 20;84(8):1043-6

A phase II programme was carried out in both Europe and North America to evaluate the activity of topotecan administered as a 21-day continuous intravenous infusion to patients with recurrent ovarian cancer. The European results are reported here. Patients who had failed first line therapy with a platinum-based regimen received topotecan 0.4 mg/m(2)/day, as a 21-day infusion every 28 days. Patients were only permitted one prior regimen. 35 patients were enrolled and evaluable for response. 3 patients (8.6%) had a partial response to treatment (95% CI 1.8%, 23.1%) with a median time to response of 8.1 weeks and a median duration of response of 17.6 weeks. Response was also evaluated by CA125 and was also found to be 8%. For all 35 patients, median time to progression was 16.1 weeks and median survival was 43.6 weeks. The principal toxicity was myelosuppression although grade 4 neutropenia occurred in only 8.8% of patients (2.1% of courses) and infectious complications were relatively infrequent. Non-haematological toxicity was generally mild and mainly consisted of gastrointestinal events, alopecia and fatigue. A prolonged infusion of topotecan was well tolerated with a low incidence of severe neutropenia. Responses were seen in both North American and European patients. Response rates varied between the 2 studies possibly due to differences in patient demographics. Copyright 2001 Cancer Research Campaign.

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