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Wednesday 01 August 2001

Clonal heterogeneity of p53 mutations in ovarian cancer.

By: Manahan KJ, Taylor DD, Gercel-Taylor C.

Int J Oncol 2001 Aug;19(2):387-94

We analyzed clonal populations of ovarian cancer cells for heterogeneity in p53 mutations (exons 4-9) and chemosensitivity. UL-3A cells were developed from a patient with stage IIIC ovarian adenocarcinoma. Heterogeneity in p53 mutations was demonstrated, ranging from point mutations to deletions in exons 4, 6 and 7. UL-3A cells contained two point mutations, in codon 248 of exon 7 and in codon 76 of exon 4. Five groups of clones were identified according to the p53 mutations. UL-3A clones with low p53 levels were more sensitive to CDDP (LD50 <8.0 microg/ml). Heterogeneity of p53 mutations may provide growth advantage during disease progression or chemotherapy.

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