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Tuesday 01 January 2002

The use of oral cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs in cancer treatment.

By: Sparreboom A, de Jonge MJ, Verweij J.

Eur J Cancer 2002 Jan;38(1):18-22

Although with a few exceptions, most new anticancer agents are initially developed for intravenous use, oral treatment with anticancer agents is, if feasible, to be preferred, as this route of administration is convenient to patients, reduces administration costs and facilitates the use of more chronic treatment regimens. Recent studies have identified various physiological barriers limiting the oral absorption of anticancer drugs. Presently, several strategies are explored to alter the low and variable oral bioavailability of several important anticancer agents by taking advantage of an intentional interaction between anticancer agents and drugs that modulate active intestinal drug transporters or (intestinal) enzymes.

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